Food made with love

My lifestyle changed a lot in the last 3 months. 

This was the past. I used to spent a lot of time in restaurants and bars. Apparently I didn´t have enough time, but I had a budget to spend. After all it was an interesting experience. I enjoyed the ritual:

    • Enter in a restaurant.
      There is a special emotion when the restaurant is new.
      Sometimes I felt like an explorer.
    • Smile and greet the waiter.
      Someone told me: “You better treat them right!”
    • Ask for a table or simply say: “I have a reservation.”
    • Read the menu.
      Often I knew what I wanted to order before entering in the restaurant.
    • Pick something and
    • Wait till the meal was delivered at my table.
      Waiting was a special moment.
      I used to observe the other people around me.
      Sometimes I was meditating or chatting with friends via WhatsApp.
      Other times I was handwriting.
      More often I was doing nothing.

Now the story has changed. I definetely spend more time in the kitchen and I enjoy preparing that single portion for me by me. The ritual is way different:

    • It starts with a walk in a supermarket.
      Usually I buy a lot of fruit and vegetables or pasta, cheese and cookies.
      I´m trying to keep it as simpliest as possible.
    • Store the food in the fridge.
    • Decide what will be the single portion menu for lunch or dinner.
    • Wash and cut.
      That´s my favourite part.
      It relaxes me and empties my mind.
    • Boil or simply fry.
    • Add salt and pepper.
      Trust me, it makes miracles.
    • Take one big plate and decide how to put the food.
      It´s an artistic moment.

Salad, tomatoes, olives, bread, cheese, fish filet. It´s just an example. A glass of wine and my meal is completed. Someone told me: “It´s so Italian style!” Probably it is because the ingredients are simple and fresh. I realised there are also precious ingredients: time and love. The time I dedicate and the love I put in the preparation of a meal makes it more delicious. Once I sent a picture of one of the meals I was having to a friend. I don´t remember if it was breakfast or lunch. He asked me: “Are you in a restaurant or is that homemade?” My answer was: “My home is my restaurant where food is made with love.


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